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An Internship Experience for High School and College Students to Connect With God, His Church, and Integrate Faith Into Their Everyday Life. 


June 29th - August 7th, 2022

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday


$110 (unaccredited)

$150 (accredited)


Wednesday & Sundays on your Mannahouse Campus

Thursdays @ Rocky Butte


Research indicates that most people give their life to Jesus under the age of 18. However, many of them walk away from the church and their relationship with God in the immediate years after high school. Reasons include lack of connection, lack of discipleship and lack of Biblical worldview. Overall, students do not know how to integrate their faith into everyday life. With this in mind, we created PRIME to change the trend.

Image by Ethan Johnson

One Story

I never knew that the Bible had so many relevant things to say about what I’m facing in the real world around me.

It really stretched me as a person. It helped me think about whether I have the right beliefs or the wrong beliefs.

I feel more connected to my pastors and my church.


- PRIME Highschool Students

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